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ORGANIC We specialize in certified organic, wholesale and bulk ayurvedic supplements .

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WHOLESALE Big or small, all orders receive the same attention and care.

SUSTAINABLE Our ayurvedic supplements come from small, sustainable family farmers.

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"Ayurveda has steadily gained popularity over the last 10 years, and we have been very interested to find a company that can manufacture quality, organic, authentic ayurvedic supplements for us. Thanks for the great service and top notch, consistent quality. "

- Jeffrey P. | Wholesale Customer

Did You Know?

Ayurveda is the oldest known system of natural medicine in the world. It is said that the basic principles were established thousands of years ago by wise sages who got direct guidance from the gods.

Bulk ayurvedic supplements

Are you looking for bulk organic ayurvedic supplements or wholesale organic ayurvedic supplements ? We sell fresh, raw, certified organic, ayurvedic supplements in small to big quantities. We supply some of the most progressive and dynamic contract manufacturing, retail store, and commercial facilities in the health and emerging Organic Superfoods sector.

Why Buy From Us?
We provide reliable U.S.-based delivery and fulfillment operations together with low minimums, and at-cost shipping rates.

Surging Demand for ayurvedic supplements
The interest in ayurvedic supplements has grown dramatically in the last few years, due to its high nutritional value and ease of incorporation into innovative health products. We are making organic ayurvedic supplements and other organic products as widely available as possible in order to promote organic farming and Fair Trade. Our company mission is simple: increase market revenue and penetration for organic products and pay sustainable farmers a fair rate.

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